Homework and supply list

Supply List

I expect each student to come prepared for science class.  I require a science folder with paper (loose leaf) for the school year.  Occasionally we use other supplies, and I will let them know what to bring ahead of time.  Sometimes students are asked to bring things from home for a project or lab, and they often receive extra credit for things brought in.

I also expect students to come prepared for math class.  For math, all students need a notebook, calculator, and pencil.  8th grade students will need a three ring binder this year as well.



In science, I don't assign a lot of homework, and I generally give class time to work on assignments.  If science homework is piling up, please contact me and we will get to the bottom of the problem.  I expect students to use their study/work time wisely.  They will receive a study guide for every chapter to fill out as they read the chapter.  This is a great study tool for the test since it emphasizes the main points of study.

In math, an assignment should be expected daily except on test days and project days.  However, again, I plan to give them class time to at least get this started.  Some days students should be able to finish the assignment in class.  This is my goal for Fridays when we have a longer math class time.  If math homework is excessive, please don't hesitate to call me.  This is my first year teaching math, and I don't believe in doing homework all night long:)

Assignments will not be listed on this website.  Each student carries an assignment book, and I believe that it is a student's responsibility to write down his/her assignments.  If you would like me to check assignment books, please feel free to contact me.