Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do we dissect?     Answer:  Sure, we do many labs, and we dissect things.

2.  Will we have a ton of homework?     Answer:  No, not if you use your work time wisely.

3.  Is science going to be fun?     Answer:  Science is a lot of fun!  It will be your favorite class:)

4.  Is math going to be fun?       Answer:  Yes, we use math everyday and you probably don't even know it:)

5.  Can I do extra credit in science and math?     Answer:  Sure, I have lots of experiment books, ideas for reports, magazines, projects, etc.  Students can do some extra credit every quarter if they wish.

6.  How do I grade?     Answer:  Every assignment, lab, project, or test in my class is worth a certain amount of points.  When you are graded, you will receive a points score.  For example, a 9/10 is 9 points out of 10 possible, or a 90%.  When I determine your overall grade, I add up your points and divide it by total points possible.

7.  Any other questions?   Answer:  Ask questions any time.  I don't normally bite students:)